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Looking to integrate award winning Crashlytics into your app? Crashlytics, Beta by Crashlytics, and Answers by Crashlytics are now part of Fabric, the tools you need to build the best apps. Learn more about Fabric here.

Built by the same team that built Crashlytics, Answers is deeply integrated into our existing,
award-winning Crashlytics SDK.

Improve your app experience by understanding stability through crash-free users and crash-free sessions. View your top issues at a glance to know what needs your immediate attention -- all in real-time.


With our integration with Answers, you can jump straight to specific builds in your Crashlytics issues dashboard and address your app stability immediately.

Want to track and compare how your builds are improving? We’ll do the intelligent aggregation for you, comparing average session length and crash-free users across builds, so you can see how your app is performing as release changes.
No Code Changes

Implementing tools to understand your app’s growth can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. Our integration with Answers streamlines the setup of understanding your app’s stability metrics -- with no impact on performance.

In addition to crash-free and top build metrics, Answers gives you instant visibility into other critical performance metrics for your app. You won’t have to dive through the data and analyze trends -- Answers will tell you what’s important including deep insights on specific user actions and even user demographic.

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