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Crashlytics is now part of Firebase
We have built the next evolution of Crashlytics in Firebase to give you access to new crash reporting features and integrations. Check out our roadmap for more information.
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Crashlytics Enterprise takes crash reporting to a whole new level. Designed from the ground up for scale and security, Crashlytics Enterprise pairs our industry-leading ease of use with robust reporting, workflow integration, and data policies required by the world's largest - and most well-known - apps.

Our cutting-edge architecture can handle all the traffic you'll throw at us. For example, suppose a buggy update is released and all your users experience issues across all of their devices. Our system processes every crash in a record-breaking 18 milliseconds so you can take action -- immediately.

Crashlytics Integrations bring all of the power of our industry-leading crash analysis platform straight into the issue tracking tools you already use, enabling a single-glance view of your outstanding issues. When it's time to debug, jump directly from your issue tracker to the Crashlytics dashboard to get a deep dive into the data.

Mobile crash analysis is serious business, and Crashlytics is built for serious businesses.


Jenkins? Hudson? TeamCity? Custom infrastructure? Crashlytics Enterprise includes full support for your build server of choice, so you'll never suffer from lost symbol files or the tedium of manual uploads.

Crash reports and analytical data are mission-critical to shipping high-quality apps in a timely manner and tracking your team's progress over time. Crashlytics Enterprise guarantees 30-day retention of 100% of the raw data we ingest. If that's not enough, we'll work with your team to ensure compliance with your requirements.

Privacy and security are our top priorities. Out of the box, all Crashlytics data is transmitted over SSL. With SSL Pinning, Crashlytics drastically reduces the chance of a security breach due to certificate theft or complex man-in-the-middle attacks.

At Crashlytics, we know how fast you want the insights in the reports.


Crashlytics gives you more insight, power, and control over your application.