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Crashlytics is now part of Firebase
We have built the next evolution of Crashlytics in Firebase to give you access to new crash reporting features and integrations. Check out our roadmap for more information.
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At the moment you ship an update, nothing is more important than actionable insights as they happen. Our servers and infrastructure now power many of the world's top apps and handle data from hundreds of millions of devices daily without processing delays. Rest assured — we've got your (app's) back.

Our cutting edge architecture can handle all the traffic you'll throw at us. For example, suppose a buggy update is released and all your users experience issues across all of their devices. Our system processes every crash in a record-breaking 18 milliseconds so you can take action — immediately.

Each crash we receive gets analyzed by our banks of servers. While pasting a stack trace is the simplest way to get it to you, we wanted to do better. We analyze the entire stack trace, for every crash, and apply carefully-tuned algorithms. Some lines are de-emphasized while others are highlighted, so we can take you straight to the threads and stack-frames that matter.

Your time is valuable, so it's critical you work on the most important bugs first — the ones that have the greatest impact on your app and user-base. Through our proprietary aggregation algorithms, we prioritize your issues for you. Now you can intelligently tackle problems based on which will have the most meaningful impact.


Every number and metric we display is up-to-date and accurate in real-time. So when you want to know whether the new version of your app is better than the old, simply go to your dashboard to find out.

We've built a layer of intelligent post-processing to alert you to new issues in real-time. We've also built the channels to get that intelligence to you. Whether you’re on the Crashlytics dashboard on your iPad, coding in Eclipse or using the Crashlytics desktop application, you’ll get notified when something important happens.

You're always in control — all notifications are customizable to minimize noise and maximize action.

Crashlytics extracts insightful, actionable intelligence so you know exactly what must be fixed.

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Crashlytics was designed from the ground up for serious businesses that care about security and performance.

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