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Crashlytics is now part of Firebase
We have built the next evolution of Crashlytics in Firebase to give you access to new crash reporting features and integrations. Check out our roadmap for more information.
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Instead of just showing you the stack trace, Crashlytics performs deep analysis of each and every thread. We de-prioritize lines that don't matter while highlighting the interesting ones. This makes reading stack traces easier, faster, and far more useful!

Our goal is to make your life easier. We perform deep analysis of your stack traces and surface the threads and lines that are most relevant. We hide the ones that are not interesting so you can quickly scan and trace the issue.

Crashlytics' intelligent grouping can take 50,000 crashes, distill them down to 20 unique issues, and then tell you which 3 are the most important to fix.

0 |00:00:00.27|$ -[FirstViewController viewDidLoad] line 20 $ view one

1 |00:00:00.27|$ collider starting

2 |00:00:00.27|$ particles ready

3 |00:00:00.27|$ higgs boson test 1

Now you'll get precise information on the performance of the devices that your apps run on. We'll let you know if the crash only happens on a specific model or generation of a device. We'll even tell you other information, like whether your app only crashes in landscape mode, or whether the proximity sensor is always on.


Through our smart reports, we'll provide key insights into your data so you can spend more time fixing and less time triaging.

Going one layer deeper, Crashlytics examines the operating system that your application is running on.
We answer questions like: is it crashing only on rooted or jailbroken devices? Is this a memory issue?
Does this only affect a specific version?

We’re obsessed with making developing apps as easy as possible. Crashlytics gives you instant reports right on your desktop and within your development workspace.

Get notified about new issues and track the most prevalent crashes without leaving your IDE.

Crash collection, analysis, and aggregation as it happens. Actionable data you need, the moment you need it.

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Crashlytics was designed from the ground up for serious businesses that care about security and performance.

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